Learn about the history and where to buy nesting dolls.

A nesting doll is known as a symbol of maternity and continuity, which is much beloved not only by adults but also kids throughout the world. Also known by other popular names such as matryoshka or babushka, it is a unique and beautiful set of wooden figurines that are in decreasing sizes. The largest figure reveals a smaller one inside when you open it and another one inside of it and so on and so forth.

There are traditionally five of them. Others contain up to a dozen created with fine craftsmanship. You can choose from a variety of shapes and themes depending on your specific preferences.

A quick history of nesting dolls

Matryoshka dolls originally came from Russia. The first set of nesting dolls were in created in 1890 by Vasiliy Zviozdochkin and Sergei Maliutin in a certain workshop outside of Moscow. The artists named their first creation “matryoshka” which means mother, symbolizing the importance of mother. The name stuck.

The first matryoshkas were dressed in a sarafan, a common and traditional colorful peasant dress of late 1800s. The beautiful craftsmanship and symbolism of the dolls have attracted a lot of people until today, making them one of the most favorite Russian souvenirs and collectible items in the world.

Common themes

A traditional set of nesting or matryoshka dolls consists of whole family with mother, a father, and their children. Other themes that very popular today include:

  • historical figures
  • religious leaders
  • political leaders
  • popular musicians
  • artists
  • animals

Where to buy nesting dolls

You can easily shop for matryoshka dolls on the internet. With a quick search on Google, you can have plenty of trusted stores and online dealers that sell a wide variety of them. Just make sure to check if the e-store is legit and can be trusted. You can start your search on eBay or Therussianstore.com.

You can also visit your local toy stores and boutiques that sell matryoshka dolls. The price ranges start at around $20 up to $700.